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Industry News GHacks 2 Feb 2022 2,652
Industry News Apple Insider 2 Feb 2022 2,855
The overhead of Widgets and Teams in Windows 11
Overhead in Windows? Sayitaintso!
Industry News Out of Office hours 2 Feb 2022 1,885
Industry News Silicon Angle 2 Feb 2022 1,267
Pay attention to WebAssembly
Is it going to do a trick?
Developer News Harshal Sheth 2 Feb 2022 2,362
GSL 4.0.0 is available now
"The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules."
Developer News Microsoft C++ team 2 Feb 2022 1,013
Programming languages: Python dominates, but developers are adding new skills to stand out
Slightly better than the usual random list generator, but your mileage will vary
Developer News ZDNet 2 Feb 2022 1,381
Databinding with the OOP Windows Forms Designer
In case you want to put yourself into a bind
Developer News .NET blog 2 Feb 2022 1,004
How to handle my old modem?
They're great for holding down papers on your desk
Hot Threads CodeProject 2 Feb 2022 1,024
NASA reveals how and when it will destroy the International Space Station
Were they petting a fluffy cat while revealing their nefarious plans?
Science And Technology ExtremeTech 2 Feb 2022 2,485
Microsoft: Standalone test version of Lists app requires no 365 subscription
Just in case you've filled up all your PostIt notes
Industry News ZDNet 1 Feb 2022 1,974
Industry News Neowin 1 Feb 2022 2,891
Microsoft still working on 3D emoji for Windows 11
Just like none of you asked for
Industry News The Verge 1 Feb 2022 1,467
Developer News Development with a dot 1 Feb 2022 2,530
The biggest mistake I see engineers make
I always thought it was mistaking '=' for '=='
Developer News The ZBook 1 Feb 2022 3,651
Too lazy to write documentation? Let the AI write it for you
Then they came for me, and I said, "Do you want to play a game?"
Developer News BetterProgramming 1 Feb 2022 1,597
Uno Platform learning resources for beginners
Maybe you can make it to dos
Developer News Uno Platform 1 Feb 2022 1,362
This week's survey
30-50 floppy disks
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Feb 2022 1,194
A launch.json setting for end-to-end web development
When I start a new project these days I create the following launch.json file and put in in a .vscode folder on the the root of my project.
Tips and Tools Christian Heilmann 1 Feb 2022 230
The Relevance of TypeScript in 2022
TypeScript has literally exploded on the scene since it was introduced in 2012.
Tips and Tools CSS Tricks 1 Feb 2022 384
What Web Frameworks Solve And How To Do Without Them (Part 1)
In this article, Noam Rosenthal dives deep into a few technical features that are common across frameworks, and explains how some of the different frameworks implement them and what they cost.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 1 Feb 2022 189
So you want to be a Web3 developer
The latest industry buzzword is creating an opening for ambitious developers to contribute to an exciting emerging ecosystem, underpinned by distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency. But there are plenty of caveats on Web3 to contend with first.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 1 Feb 2022 174
Google is testing a new replacement for third-party cookies
Topics API is a browser-based approach and will replace the previously proposed FLoC.
Tips and Tools Engadget 1 Feb 2022 105
Will 2022 Be a Golden Age for Full-Stack JavaScript?
For six years now, developer and Best of JS creator Michael Rambeau has been tracking trending projects in the JavaScript ecosystem and assembling them into his yearly JavaScript Rising Stars, which ranks projects according to stars given on GitHub during the previous twelve months.
Tips and Tools The New Stack 1 Feb 2022 154

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